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F-Secure SAFE Device Security (Smartphones)

Powered by F-Secure, one of the world’s leading online security companies, SAFE Device Security is built to protect you in the online world. We want you to enjoy life without worrying- so explore the internet, enjoy online shopping, connect with friends and family, and let F-Secure SAFE keep you protected, providing robust and convenient protection for your smartphone with 12-month subscription plans:

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Multi-device protection

F-Secure SAFE works on iOS and Android platforms, securing all your devices with a single web-based service.

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Data Protection and Tracking

  • Remotely locks your lost/stolen smartphone, preventing unauthorized access to your personal information
  • Remotely wipes your device to prevent fraudulent use
  • Locates the exact whereabouts of your device on a map remotely
  • Plays in-built scream alarm remotely, helping locate your device
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Safeguards smartphone

  • Call and text blocker maintains your privacy by blocking texts and calls from specific phone numbers
  • SIM card lock ensures your phone gets locked if the SIM card is removed, preventing misuse
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Protection and Control

  • Browsing Protection blocks malicious and phishing sites, making your internet experience safe
  • Banking Protection adds a layer of security when transacting online, making the use of e-commerce sites and internet banking completely secure
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Threat Protection

  • Protects against virus, malware, and unwanted apps
  • Automatically scans and removes potential threats from downloaded apps and their updates

Single number assistance

Call CPP’s helpline at 09612-100900 (10 AM to 7 PM, Everyday) for any assistance related to your membership.

SIM Card Blocking

We help block your lost SIM card if your mobile phone is lost. We also help retain your mobile phone identifier (IMEI) should you ever need to refer to it when your phone is not around or lost.

Complimentary Screen Damage Protection

Your membership entitles you to a complimentary screen replacement in case of screen damage* (one time) during the membership period of twelve (12) months from the start date.

*As part of FoneSafe Lite, you are enrolled into a complimentary add-on benefit of Single Screen Damage Insurance under the group policy taken by us for our customers which ensures that your smartphone is protected against screen damage (one time) upto 50% of the device purchased price or device repair bill whichever is lower. Your protection starts from the date of purchase of your device and is valid for 12 months. Single Screen Damage Insurance is provided by Reliance General Insurance Company Limited. Please refer to the complete Terms and Conditions for more details.

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Need to get in touch?

CPP FoneSafe Lite – Please call 09612-100900 (10 AM to 7 PM, Everyday) for any queries. Or use our online contact form.