Card Protection

Protect your cards and peace of mind

Card Protection is Bangladesh’s first comprehensive service to protect you in the event of card loss, theft, damage, or fraud. Simply make one phone call to our 24-hour helpline from anywhere in the world, and we will block all your lost cards. You don’t have to call any of your credit, debit, or ATM card issuing banks individually.

Woman using a mobile phone to pay in a cafe
Man on the phone in the back of a car in the city

We will provide you with emergency travel, hotel, so that you are not stranded when travelling. Your life continues smoothly, as CPP takes care of all your worries. Our complimentary insurance cover will also protect you against fraudulent spends caused by loss, theft, counterfeiting, skimming, phishing, and online frauds from as far back as 30 days before the reported loss of card.